Called To Dominate

Called To Dominate

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 23 July 2021


Are you dangerous to the enemy?

Or is your mind on lockdown due to Satan’s control in your mind?

Many Christian’s minds are under Satan’s control and they don’t even realize it.

God created us to dominate, but if we don’t, we need to look into the reasons why we don’t live a life of authority in Jesus.

In this message, we show you a video of the importance of our upbringing and where the devil starts to program us and technically mess us up so that we shouldn’t become the person God created us to be. He knows the threat we then are for his kingdom. 

If Satan can hijack your mind, he can hijack your life.

If we are controlled by anything but the Holy Spirit, we aren’t worth a lot for the Kingdom of God.

Our minds should be fixed so that we don’t worry so much about people and things of this world.

We want to make sure that all we are is fixed on Jesus. It’s to be dead to self and alive for Christ.

The Focus of our life should be for God’s Kingdom to come to earth, but this means that miracles will also follow.

Mark 16: 20  And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.

  • A Miracleless gospel is a powerless gospel.
  • The miracles will prove the gospel.
  • We should make sure that God’s power does flow in our ministry; where His Power flows, the miracles happen.

God wants to partner with us, walk with us as we share the gospel. He wants the sings/ miracles to confirm what we have to say as we bring the Good News.

While many are “end time” minded, God wants us to be Kingdom-minded!

While many protest in the streets, God wants us to protest in the Spirit – where our real battle lies.

The enemy wants to take our freedom. But getting emotional about what is happening in our lives and what satan is busy with, isn’t the answer to overcoming the battle. He wants to take your joy away so that you can’t fight him.

Praise is a weapon against Satan. He can do NOTHING when you praise in all your circumstances. 

Is Satan using your own mouth to curse your own life?

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