Faith and Prayer Restrictions 1

Faith and Prayer Restrictions 1

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 3 June 2021

It is a gift to be able to speak and release faith, but first, we need to be cleansed from all iniquities.


The just shall live by faith and there is no other way that we will be able to live. Faith needs to be exercised. Your circumstances are speaking, if you stay quiet you are accepting what the circumstances are saying. Authority and faith walk hand in hand, and it's impossible to please God without Faith, so you still need to believe what he says even if you don’t see it. Your imagination needs to be filled with God’s will.

You will have what you say, Life and death are in the power of the tongue, so we have the authority to speak to our circumstances. You need to know what God says about you. The covenant God made with Abraham was an everlasting covenant of faith. The covenant is complete by the relationship and doing what God wants us to do. Faith always cooperates with works.

Forefather sins

We inherit not only physical but spiritual DNA from our forefathers. If you don’t see results in your life, you need to confess your forefather sins so that you can have what is due to you. Always go to the root to discover why the weakness is there. What my forefathers did are going to affect me.


To discover idols in your life, you need to look at what you are obeying. You submit to an idol through works, God is a generational God when He does something, He does it for you and your descendants. The things we do will have an effect on our descendants. We need to recognize what covenants our forefathers made. If God is jealous, what would he be the jealousy of? Idols, other gods. Idolatry occurs when you obey something else. If you are trying to please your idol you can start manipulating things in your life to make it happen. Nothing needs to take up the place of God in your heart. God wants you to kill the idols in your life. You need to destroy idols because they are in the way of the blessing. To have God as your God, you need to obey God. Your works will prove who is your God.

If you battle to trust God and believe Him, you need to confess the sin of idolatry in your family line. Worship is an action; people die with their sins due to a lack of knowledge.

If you confess your sins, God is faithful and just to forgive you your sins. The confession breaks the curse because it gives the blood of Jesus the opportunity to speak. You reverse the curse and receive the blessing through confession. God has given us His voice on earth. You can limit God through the lack of faith. Your faith needs to be explosive. David saw Himself as bigger than the giant, the enemy’s power is illegal, and my power is legal in Christ. God wants you to rule and reign, expecting what God says. don’t have faith in your faith, have faith in God and in the Power of God. Everything you say is written down, you have the power to bless and curse. Unforgiveness is a restriction for prayer.

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