The Spiritual toolbox for lockdowns

The Spiritual toolbox for lockdowns

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021

In the Bible we see there also were lockdowns, and it’s important to see that God is the way, and He wants us to understand what to do.

Understand this too shall pass, but now is the time to continue pressing in, seeking the presence of God.

If you enter the presence of God, you enter a place that is not understood; it’s a place not seen by this world; our natural eyes can’t see what God can do in this place.

In this place, you’ll get a peace that will surpass all understanding.  Get into that place, and stay in that place, and guard your heart.

We need to guard our heart by checking what we allow in our ear – gate and mouth – gate, and eye – gate. The devil would like to influence us and bring his fear upon us during these times. But we need to do our part by staying in God’s presence and guarding our hearts as a way to keep all the attempts for fear and anxiety to enter our being.

Be careful what you allow into your life, and think about what you are thinking about.

Examples of Biblical lockdowns:

  • Jonah in the big fish
  • Daniel in the lion's den: See here that the problem isn’t what we go through, it’s how we go through it. Daniel kept his faith in God up. He chose to speak as a believer in times of difficulties and was only seeking God’s will.

Like Daniel we need to get into the place where we seek His Kingdom first; keeping our lives clean and staying close to God.  Walk by faith and not by sight.

Repent if we have said the wrong things.

Loosen yourself from the negative things you’ve heard or watched.

Open your mouth and speak in your authority in Christ.

  • Joseph in the dungeon: Through all that Joseph faced, he chose to stay close to God.

During the trouble, God understands how hard it is for you. Therefore He sees it as a sacrifice that even while things are tough, you stay faithful and committed to His will.

  • Paul and Silas in jail: They praised and worshipped God while they were in jail.

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