How to be Covenant minded in 2020

How to be Covenant minded in 2020

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021
  • You need to know how to fight and stand in this battle that we are in.

    It’s especially important to be anchored in the Word of God and know His promises.
    We need to be the David’s of the last days.

    Understanding the covenant God made with us, is part of operating in His power.

    • GENISIS 9: 12
    • We read here about the covenant God made with Noah, and realize God sticks to His covenant throughout all the days since then. But also that God making covenants with His people is not a new thing.  God gave us the rainbow, calling it the sign of the covenant.
    • GENISIS 15: 5
    • Faith plays a very big part in getting God’s attention. Here we read that because Abraham believed, he was counted right with God.
    • This was another day where God made a covenant with Abraham regarding the land God gave him.
    • GENISIS 17: 1
    • God made another covenant with Abraham, making him the father of nations. But God is also adding a sign to the covenant, which He will always look for in remembrance of the covenant.

    God is always looking for the covenant and the sign of the covenant.

    • EXODUS 4: 21
    • We read here that God found Moses not doing his part of the covenant, and if not for Moses’ wife it would’ve cost Moses’ life. God is looking for us to do our part of the covenant to stay covered by the Blood.
    • Colossians 2: 11
    • When we came to Christ, He cut away our sinful nature. We moved into a covenant with God when we were baptized.

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