Spiritual Warfare 5

Spiritual Warfare 5

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 3 June 2021

Fix the holes in your fence. Why do spiritual warfare when you have open doors for the enemy to come in?

Solution: Fight in the spirit but look for holes at the same time. Don’t bow to any spirit other than the Holy Spirit, you need to be able to say no, being a peacekeeper and not a peacemaker


Manipulation has different angles, it will try to use whatever it can to manipulate you, you need to burn the manipulation in the spirit. You need to be able to say no to manipulation.

If you try to manipulate someone by doing something for them it’s a waste of time, then rather don’t do it. If you say no to someone and they manifest it’s a spirit, you are still right-standing with God.

You need to know what the real enemy is. Stay in submission to God.

Different Spirits

A spirit of guilt will try to make you feel guilty about what you have done, especially if you say no to someone. You shouldn’t allow fear to control you, it will cause you to do things for the wrong reasons. You’re supposed to have peace but now you have fear, if fear is there it means there’s an opening in your fence. Nothing is supposed to control you. You need to recognize how each spirit talks and operates. Recognize the origin of what’s speaking to you so that it can’t rob you anymore.

Depression comes when you’re unhappy and you choose to stay quiet, when you submit to a spirit of depression you isolate yourself and the people around you get affected, to get out of the hole you need to get out and do what you would when you weren’t depressed. It’s a sin to bow before another spirit, so it needs to be confessed.

Test the spirits. You will know them by their fruits.

Live in peace

A person needs to know that they need God before you can help them, watch out who you spend time with, who you spend time with is who you will become like. You need to bloom where you are planted. As far as it depends on you, live in peace with every person. This means you need to guard you, heart, know if you can trust someone or not, you can love someone from a distance.

Find the motivation behind why you do what you do, asking the question: what drives me to do this?

Always keep your priorities in order, seeking God’s will.

You can love the unlovable by being friendly to them, but you need to know what the boundaries are.

If you don’t have peace, don’t do it because you aren’t true to your convictions. If you don’t do something by faith, it’s sin. You bow before sin through lack of knowledge and it creates a hole in the fence. We have the anointing to deliver people and set them free. You have the authority to lose and bind every demon so that you can speak to the person, not the demon.

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