Spiritual Warfare 6

Spiritual Warfare 6

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 3 June 2021

When something is putting you in a place that makes you feel bad it not supposed to happen. You need to give with a peaceful heart if someone manipulates you and plays on your feelings you need to be able able to discern if it is from God or another Spirit. You have a free will that God has given to you the devil is the one who tries to take your freedom away.

Your battle is not against flesh and blood, bind the evil spirits in your spirit, and confuse them. God's word will fight for you by what you say with your authority. Be slow to make a move first ask God for discernment. Be cautious before you make a move see what the atmosphere is about, is it from God or the devil. Who you associate yourself with will pull you into what they are doing.

How do you battle in Spiritual warfare?

Through praise and worship, you can battle because you decide by faith to look away to the situation and turn your eyes to Jesus while you feel at your lowest. The words in the songs guide you out of the valley because you are pressing into the presence of God.

Always seek first the kingdom of God so that you can see what comes from God and what comes from the enemy. We need to stay in the spirit the whole time making sure that you are full the whole time so that the enemy can’t use your weaknesses. Let your priorities lead you to make time to pray and go to church don’t go according to how you feel the devil will use it to steal your time from God.

When you sin and don’t confess what you have done the devil will have an opening into your life and he will use the word of God against you. The devil wants to condemn you to feel like you are not enough. If you do something that God has convicted you of you are sinning, you will need to repent.

Unbelief in the room will give the devil a right to interfere You need to make sure you take authority and remove the unbelief spirit out of the room. You and a group need to stand in agreement with God's will, don’t allow division.


The devils are keeping you away 10:53

Press in and pray 16:06

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