Spiritual Warfare 2

Spiritual Warfare 2

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 3 June 2021

There is a fight going on, we need to pray powerfully in the spirit world.

Be strong in the Lord, armed in the full armor so that you can stand up against the schemes of the devil.

The enemy knows how to get every believer to be powerless. You have devils assigned to you to deceive you. There is a fight for the souls of the people and you need to know how to pray for those around you. We need to be aware of what the strategy of the enemy is. The enemy won’t fight you so strongly if you aren’t a threat to him. The enemy needs to know that he’s going to suffer when you wake up. The enemy wants to block and stop where we are anointed to go. There is resistance against what we must do in this world. The enemy will try to access our authority to destroy our own lives. Discern who’s speaking to you.

The god of this world

The world has a way of doing, and the god of this world rules over the people of this world. The devil wants to blind people and block their eyes to prevent the light of Jesus to shine into their eyes. The devil listens to authority delegated by God. And he knows who is spiritually dangerous.

The enemy is an accuser, accusing the people on the earth and he wants to destroy everything that God loves.

John 10:10 says that his assignment is to steal, kill, and destroy.

Unconfessed sin causes the enemy to have rights in your life, and he wants to control you. When a person has an open door to spirits, they have a turbo to do what they get right doing, so the demons need to be bound so that it doesn’t have any ability to do what they were doing anymore.

People use the information to control you.

There's only one way to fight and it's with your mouth and the Word of God. Don’t settle for what you see, be sober at all times, the devil is my enemy, and he seeks who he can devour, but resist him and he will flee from you.

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