Unmasking Deception 2

Unmasking Deception 2

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 3 June 2021

Deception works through a lack of knowledge,

The snake deceived Eve to believe it was a good thing to eat from the tree, it is subtle. The enemy uses a weakness or open door in order to deceive you.


The enemy uses your weaknesses against you, the association can take you off God’s plan for your life. Do not believe every spirit, instead of test the spirits, you need to find out what spirit is speaking to you, deception talks through people. Don’t believe everything you hear, always believe the best because that’s what love does. The Word of God is to help you not get deceived. If you can’t hear God’s voice you can’t minister, and you will be deceived. Deception comes when there’s doubt, double-mindedness, and uncertainty. We have people around us to help us hear what God wants us to know.

Deception has a plan

God will change you from the inside out, worry is there to put you in a place of unrest. The word of God silences the spirit of deception. When deception speaks it has a plan for your life. Don’t seek people’s acceptance, as long as God accepts you nothing else matters. As a child of God, you need to learn how to say no, but the world doesn’t like that. What you sow, you will reap, if you sow in the flesh you will reap from that nature. Sin is a small glimpse of happiness, which has a big consequence. To cater to the flesh has a bill you need to pay.

The devil will tell you that you are condemned but you need to repent and God will forgive you and use it as a learning curve, you are born into a body that wants to make mistakes, but you need to stay in the Spirit which is why we fast. You need to say no to yourself; deception will tell you that you are free, but you were bought at a price. The flesh will bring ruin and destruction.

Keep your focus

Deception will try to convince you that the right thing you are doing is wrong because you may not see the immediate results of your seed. The enemy keeps you looking at what is not going right, you need to get away from the grey area and the suggestions of the enemy so that you can overcome. People can only respond to the love of God, not condemnation.

Answer with the Word

You need to do the Word so that you can live that lifestyle, not just hear the word. You need to answer the devil with the qword and truth of who you are. The deception was that you are hungry and that the stones can be bread for you. The enemy will use what is in your season and difficult to deceive you so that you compromise. Jesus came so that we can receive back the authority over the Kingdoms.


The grace will protect you from slips, but you can’t rebel against the Holy Spirit because of the grace. You may not tempt God because it grieves the Holy Spirit. If you do something knowing it’s wrong, then you are deceived because grace cant covers you again. Deception can form glasses that you look through.

Take responsibility

Deception causes you to blame shift, not taking responsibility for what you do, meanwhile, you have a beam in your own eye. Keep your focus on what you need to do, not on other people. You need to push in by faith. You can’t get anywhere is you don’t do anything, harvest won't come without seed. God is looking at your actions. You need to have a fear of God and ask Him to search you so that you can be right with Him, it is relational, you can’t just expect it to happen for you. Go with what you know.

Deception uses open doors to put a wedge between you and God, you will always have consequences and we will all stand before God and give an account. A deception is that you don’t need to pray because God knows everything. You can’t live in sin and expect the will of God to happen in your life. The enemy wants you to miss out on what God wants to do.

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