Press in by Faith 2

Press in by Faith 2

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 3 June 2021

Do something that is against the stream and circumstances. You need to stop focusing on what you see and move. You need to get more into the spirit and stay full of the Holy Spirit. You need to follow God and His kingdom wholeheartedly.

He wants us not to weaver or delay he wants us to move and pressing in by faith seeking Him with urgency. We need to change our attitude even if we don’t feel like pressing in you do it by faith. He wants you to use your gifts to do The work He purposed for you. When God gives you much He will require much. You need to put all of your focus on God.

God will be moved by your faith, He will say that your faith will set you free, heal you, open doors no man can shut because you pushed in spite of what was happening around you. God will be pleased with you because of what you have done for Him.

If you keep on allowing negativity into your life, your faith will die. You need to fill yourself up with God's word so that you won’t be distracted by your circumstances. Get rid of all bitterness and unforgiveness. Be obedient to God.

If you want to get in the right place you need to understand what God is all about and what is important to HimHis love language for us is faith, trust, respect, and confidenceHe wants to be part of your life, your life must glorify Him.

When you love and take care of his children it will show you love him. Make Him a priority. You love God when you spend time with Him and keep His will.


pray more and stay full 4:22

God is looking for you to turn to him 45:50

Honoring God 50:07

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