My Sheep Know My Voice 3

My Sheep Know My Voice 3

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021

Hearing God’s voice is a way of life.

There is a window of opportunity and if you didn’t hear His voice you may miss a window to minister to someone. If you aren’t open to His voice, you may miss out. Don’t ignore His voice because He will use it again to do something in the future. You hear the voice but you must also listen to Him.

Your motivation for knowing

Sometimes people only want what they want and they want God to say what they want to hear. People want a shortcut and they want to skip the pain and the process. People don’t want to have faith in the waiting process.

Relationship with God

A relationship with God needs to be continuous, you need to keep your lamp full and God needs to be the center of your life. If you really push to get your way, God will allow a prophet to speak what you want to hear. You need to be in neutral, wanting God’s will. God can send a deceiving spirit to deceive you so that you can hear what you want to hear if you are seeking your will.

Sometimes children of God push too hard to get their way, you need to get in neutral and trust God. When a prophet speaks it’s God’s dream for you, but you need to do your part to see it come to pass, you have your part to play. You need to listen to the small things in order to listen to the bigger things. You need to have the discernment to know who’s speaking to you. If you know God’s voice you will be able to discern who’s speaking to you.

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