Unmasking Jezebel 3

Unmasking Jezebel 3

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021

There is a way on how to see and deal with a Jezebel spirit, and how to fight it.

Revelation 2: 20 Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching, she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols.

- It’s a sin to tolerate a Jezebel spirit.

- Even if we get the opportunity to show the trademarks and characteristics to act like a Jezebel ourselves, we must resist it, and not give in to the opportunity.

- Understand that Jezebel is a principality of darkness. When we fight her, our mouth is the weapon, with the Word of God in our mouth.

- Understand that a person isn’t a Jezebel, but is under the influence of a Jezebel spirit.

- Our body can be a house for the Holy Spirit or other spirits such as Jezebel.

- Jezebel wants to control you, use you, and to strip you from your anointing.


People under the influence of a Jezebel spirit is actually just a broken person. Such a person gets triggered by things such as rejection; or the fear of being rejected. So they move in with fear as the driver and do things to get this fear they really are unaware of the stay quiet and calm down.

Other people will find themselves boasting at times ( not boasting in Lord) to help themselves deal with the real issue, which is fear. By telling others about big and great things you are busy with shuts the fear within us up.

This just shows that each individual has their own way of dealing with their pains/fears.

We have to become mature in the Holy Spirit to be able to notice these things in us and to deal with it appropriately, finding the root of the issue.

We need to be dead to ourselves and what we care about what others think about us, and also dead to sin.


If we don’t deal with the brokenness within us which creates the doorway for the Jezebel spirit we will deal with a few other spirits inside of us, and clear traits of the Jezebel spirit. Such as:

- Spirit of pride

- Spirit of manipulation

- Spirit of control

- Spirit of witchcraft

- Slander and gossip

- Envy; Jealousy

These are all ways of self-preservation, but when we don’t deal with these things we open up to demons to also operate through us. It’s like giving them a home to live and operate in.

Being in this state doesn’t even allow others to enjoy the blessings of God and then become their own blessing blocker. Envy and jealousy, gossip, and slander, these things block the blessing of God in their lives.

People with the above spirits or traits will also lure you into a conversation to get information out of you, and not with good intent at all. They will ask a question in such a way that you don’t have another choice but to answer them. But a person who doesn’t bow down to these spirits and schemes should be able to get themselves out of this trap.

They get upset when you don’t give them what they want.


Before engaging with a person who has these traits and characteristics/ spirit, you have to prepare yourself. You have to go into the Spirit and start praying against their ways and schemes.

- Pray against: Pride, Manipulation, Control

Bind these things within that person before engaging with them.

Remember to cut soul ties with the people!

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