Unmasking Jezebel 1

Unmasking Jezebel 1

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021

It can be people in the church, Christian, everyone can get it. The spirit is generally found in women, but men can also get it. People who had it rough growing up make settings to have control overall situation.

What does Jezebel Spirit do?

It will cause you to struggle to get peace in your life. A person uses the spirit to make their life predictable. It manipulates and controls everything so that everything can work out for them. She also uses witchcraft It causes division among the churches by starting fights. It wants control over her husband and any situation she is in.

How do you remove the Jezebel Spirit?

You need to fix the character by searching for a setting that was made that allows the spirit to stay. You must trick the spirit and take authority over it. You need to get to a place of submission under God and not taking matters into your own hands. You first need to recognize that you have the spirit and then get the spirit off of the throne of your life.

Who does the Jezebel Spirit target?

She goes for people who are in a leadership authority to get her way into controlling the church. They will target the prophet of the church not naturally but spiritually to submit to her. She will target a gathering of people and influence them to be on her side.

What is the Church's responsibility?

They are responsible to identify and make sure that the Jezebel spirit does not teach or seduce people. A jezebel knows more than you think it will sound like she is deeply connected with the spirit the church will have to decern what comes from God or another spirit.

What are the trades of the Jezebel Spirit?

She will look flawless and have the look to be able to seduce men to gain power over men. She manipulates and controls people. The jezebel wants to take a man’s manhood and power away she will manipulate men with her body.

How do you get the Jezebel Spirit?

They can come from bloodline curses, abused, or controlled but someone in authority usually by men. Inner vows are made and unforgiveness towards the authority figure, someone who is hurt. People who don’t know what their identity and are afraid to be rejected.

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