How Must The Church Pray Part 1

How Must The Church Pray Part 1

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021

Prayer is what we have to be in all the time. Prayer must be like breathing to you. Stay in the Spirit, but stay in prayer all the time, because the Holy Spirit wants to tell us stuff and we aren’t always connected. So stay connected.

Some seasons can past quicker if we do our part. If we don’t have a prayer lifestyle, we can actually limit God and therefor limit positive results in our life. What we do, have an effect on what we o through.

Joshua and Caleb are the only men that entered the promised land. The Word says they had a different spirit. Just like them, we have to have this different spirit. This different spirit is built upon faith. While not knowing how God is going to do what He says, still believing He is going to do what He says.

Do we really want to stand before God and see that just because we didn’t do our part in prayer, we walked longer through the desert than what was needed?

Jesus died to give us our authority back. Are you taking it too lightly?  This is why knowledge of the Word of God is vitally important.

When we look at the model prayer that Jesus prayed in Matthew 6: 9 we can learn many things.

  1. We enter His presence with praise; worship and thankfulness.
  2. Pray for the Kingdom of God to come to earth as in Heaven. Don’t just pray for your life and what you want. Submit to God’s will and pray for His will and plans to be established.
  3. Say what God says, and you will see what God says (Faith).
  4. Always remember our need for God (verse 11)
  5. Ask what is due to you in Jesus’ Name.
  6. God wants to bless us.
  7. Always check your heart for offense and unforgiveness while in prayer. Forgive where is needed because we ask God to forgive us.
  8. Humbling ourselves before God, recognizing He needs to protect us against temptations.

We know our flesh is weak, and understand we need God to protect us.

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