The Fight With Sickness 4

The Fight With Sickness 4

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021

What you release from your mouth can change your future. People don’t have the faith that they’re supposed to have when it comes to healing and miracles. You need to leave the negative memory to move forward. People are hindered by their bad memory, the best way to predict your future is to create it. To change the results, you need to change your thinking.

Jesus is the chief healer and if you get healing it’s from Him. You need to say what is going to change your thoughts, we are created in the image of God and you can say something that is not as though it is. If you have an experience that keeps you stuck, then you don’t want it. Leave the place of the known and go into the unknown.

As you think in your heart, so are you.

The brain responds by making a chemical causing an emotion. An experience tends to make stronger memories. In that moment you pay attention to what alters your emotions and it makes a memory. Faith enables your brain to access the future. A thought is the language of the brain and a feeling is the language of the body, together it makes a state of being. A thought and feeling combined creates an attitude. Your attitude will determine your altitude. As you think in your heart so are you. If you change how you think it changes your destiny. You can heal your body through your mind. Leave the past behind to move forward. A belief is a cycle of thinking and feeling over some time, and it creates a subconscious state of being. Angels harken on the spoken word of God that comes from my mouth. Jesus in me, needs to manifest out. Most people see reality through lenses. We are overlaying our present future with our memory.

Make a decision

You need to decide with such firm intention that the amplitude of the decision carries a level of energy that is greater than the hardware programme of the brain and the emotional condition of the body.

The body has to respond to the new mind. You change what was into is. God has given us the ability to create. The new choice made becomes the new experience, in that moment the person gets liberated from the past. To be able to go from old to new will require death of the old. Your personality creates your reality.

Look at your habits: things you say and what you do. If what you do and say hurt people, recognise the problem and change it. Look at your emotions anchoring you to your past and decide whether you want them for your future or not. Your mind and body cannot be separated. So if your body is affected so will your mind be. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit as a comforter. He’s with everyone simultaneously.

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