The Fight With Sickness 1

The Fight With Sickness 1

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021

Always believe for NOW faith, if God says you’re healed, you’re healed.

Power will come from God and He will heal you instantly, but what happens when it doesn’t happen like that?

This too shall pass needs to be the attitude.

You may lose a battle but you need to keep the faith, it’s only over when you give up.

God knows what He’s doing

All things work for your good and you need to trust God’s word over what you see and it needs to come to pass. God has a good plan regardless of what you see and you need to trust Him. It may not always happen how you want it to, but your faith will heal you. Sometimes God uses it to teach you, it doesn’t always happen your way, if you lose your faith, the battle is over. Your body must submit to the spirit and your spirit must speak to your body


Just because it’s not instant one time, always believe it will be instant healing. Expect Instant first. The expectation must be at the point of impact, “when I touch Him I will be healed”. You need to expect instant healing. Praise God for what He’s done, so that He can give you what you’ve been believing for. Give what you want, if you need healing, sow it for someone else.

Have faith in God

There is a test in your relationship with Him if things don’t work the way you want it to happen. The test is if you will stay in faith, God is looking for your confidence in Him. When you ask, expect Him to answer. You may not understand why you’re going through this but you need to trust Him. Don’t walk by sight and place your faith in God, You need to choose to believe what God says, one of the main reasons people don’t get healed is because they don’t believe that God wants to heal them, watch out for the reasoning of the flesh and depending on your own understanding. It needs to happen in the spirit first and then it manifests in the natural.

The healing already happened at the cross.

Don’t feel there’s something wrong with you if you don’t get instant healing, God sometimes does it in a different way. The flesh is rebellious against God, watch out for asking “why” and don’t rely on your own understanding.

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