The Fight With Sickness 2

The Fight With Sickness 2

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021

Are you in a fight with sickness?

Everyone will fight sickness at some point in your life. Your lamp needs to be filled to be able to fight sickness. It is God’s will that we are healed. The question is whether you are using your faith to get the healing God promises. Your reaction time and actions to the symptoms you feel are very important, we need to push in by faith to be healed. The fight isn’t always for yourself; you can fight sickness on behalf of someone else. Healing doesn’t have to be a season; healing can happen now. Your faith in the point of contact is where healing lies.

God wants to heal all people

God desires all people to be healed. Sickness is not from God; this is a lie that the enemy tells us. The word of God will heal sickness, every illness must bow before the name of Jesus. 2 Corinthians 1;3 (Insert script here). Your testimony about your healing will bring hope to those who are going through a difficult time. Psalm 120:7 (insert script here). If you are quiet, there is no defense against the attack of the enemy. 1 Peter 2:4 The scripture says that you were healed, you don’t need to work to be healed because God has already the ultimate price for healing.


19:45 – God desires for all people to be healed

26:30 – 2 Corinthians 1:3

27:40 – people just want to know that there’s hope

31:00 - 1 Peter 2:4

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