God Misunderstood 3

God Misunderstood 3

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021

You need to understand God's heart even if something bad happens to you that he still has a good plan.

Is stress God's plan?

He knows the beginning from the end, and he has good plans for you. If you keep on listening to what is wrong in the world it will put you in a place of stress. It will steal your sleep and health. Do not let fear into your life make God your source of approval and peace. You need to make sure you are listening to what the bible says and not to what the world says.

How can I trust God?

Start to fill yourself up with what the word of God says. You will need to come into a child-like mindset of trusting God and not worrying about what is happening around you. Just obey God and have faith in what he says, you do not always have to understand.

It is unfair?

God did not do anything wrong, but he had to die on the cross for you. We take the benefits God gave us and enjoy it, but you do not seek a relationship with him. Do not envy others everybody has their own race they need to run, and God has given everyone the abilities to win their race. Be careful when you feel like he is being unfair because temptation and sin will come in.

God is looking at your heart

Seek Gods will first, and he will give you the blessings. It is a great sacrifice for God when you do not feel it, but you did it anyway, God will look at your heart and your motives.

Why are you rattled by the circumstances?

God will put you through situations that will make you stronger and teach you to have patience and put all your trust in Him. You are not supposed to be guided by your emotions you are supposed to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

What is God looking for?

If you put God in a place of honor and where He needs to be then He will do the same for you. When you take God seriously then He will also take you seriously.

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