God Misunderstood 2

God Misunderstood 2

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021

God makes all things work together for my good

God can take something bad and turn it into good, keep standing on the Word of God, there is an enemy down here trying to copycat God and contain His people, don’t hold on to this vapor in life, either you gather with Him or scatter the sheep. We live in a fallen world and people want to sin, people are deceived and living in unbelief.

There is a price to pay when you walk in the ways of the world, people who live their lives without God are unfulfilled and scared. “God loves me” needs to be the way you see the world. When bad things happen, you need to remember that God loves you.

God cannot lie and He is good

God uses what you go through to remove impurities from your life. It takes a season of tribulation and trial, but you need to have faith that “this too shall pass”. God cannot lie and He will do what he says so you need to decide if you believe what He says. Some things only die in the winter season.

You have a cross manufactured specifically for you. Stay in the childlike state knowing that He is God and you are not; God gave us Jesus so why would He withhold any other good thing from us? Allow the winter season to be complete because you believe that His promise still stands. God wants to bless you and He is good. Get in neutral, believing that God is still good regardless of what you see.

Your hope needs to be in Him alone, He is the source of all hope. You need to be filled with hope and power when trials come. Christ in us is the hope of glory, which is the manifestations of His presence.

Release your faith

God wants us to release our faith by works and He wants us to trust Him. God does not want your things; He wants the seed by your faith so that He can prosper you.

God loves you

When you are offended you go into sin, and you can’t resist the temptation because you don’t believe God loves you. Which is why you question your circumstances. God is not a gambling machine, your love for Him needs to be number 1. God has patience with us, we love because He loved us first. Everything the devil does is to destroy your sense of God’s love for you. Fear is a lack of the sense of the love of God in your life and then you are open to suggestions.

The temptation will never work if the love of God is in the right place. The devil will tell you God is allowing things in your life because He hates you. If you believe you are cursed your life will reveal that because you settle for the curse. Be careful what you believe. You are the prime of his creation.

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