Slander And Gossip In The Church 1

Slander And Gossip In The Church 1

By Pastor Jaco Mostert 2 June 2021

What is Gossip?

Is using the tongue to diminish someone’s character, the sin of talking. It comes from the serpent that was in the garden of Eden and he uses its magic to change a person’s mind about somebody else.

What do Slander and Gossip cause?

It causes division, destroys unity in the church, ends relationships, and can cause people to lose their jobs. You are bowing to a witchcraft spirit.

How does it work?

What you hear and believe is what you will speak so you need to keep on checking what you allow into your heart. The devil uses people to kill the ministry through lies. It is part of the sinful human nature.

Why do people do it?

The person that gossips have low self-esteem and they want to keep their attention off themselves. Hurt and fear make you say things about another person. People want to get rid of their emotions and hurt so you start to speak. Envy also makes you gossip and slander.

How do we stop it?

You need to recognize it and stop it from coming into your heart and bring it in the light. You need to check the motives behind what you are saying about other people. Ask God for discernment about what is going on. Repent if you have taken part in Gossip and slander Be slow to speak and fast to listen.

What can happen if you take part?

You can lose your anointing from God. You wound others by what you say. If you permit slander it will always affect others. You can become disconnected from God. If you sow it you will reap it.

How to react?

You should not allow their words into your heart. If they curse you God will curse them.

Mind your own business and focus on yourself. Do not associate with the gossip. Confess if you said something about someone


Gossip is 4:28

Serpent 6:03

Spirit of Satan that wants to divide the church 9:10

What are you losing by the spirit that you allow in your life 14:3

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